the mission

no project is really good - as long as it doesn't show it!

how could you see the light under the bushel?

a hidden beauty is still hidden.

you got the point?

we can't see what is not shown or opened up to us.

and even more: if you want to prove good progress and success of your project work it is your proprietary task to present it to the public or the critique.

and many projects are doing a lot of presentation work – but mostly in written form.  mountains of paper are produced regularly for the documentation and presentation of project progress.  this is a burden for both sides:  the author and the reader.  and due to the volume of written reports, many of them are hardly read, mostly just piled up.

but does your valuable field work and success get to the knowledge of the right public?  does it get the optimum support from donors, sponsors and the public in general?

do you even avail of the right material to aproach this public?

controllers, donors, sponsors and even the general public don't have the time to read, at least not longer reports and papers.  they want to get an impression at a glance.

what would be better then providing this impression with just a picture! photographs are still the best media to transmit a deep and fast impression about situations and conditions.  and if it can't be shown in just one single photo, so it could be done with a short series of pictures.  a well done documentary report can transmit more and faster then a thousand words.

this is my field.

let me help you to condense complex matter into attractive photo series, in order to switch on the light on the observer's side, to document your successful project, to bring your ideas to the mind of your target group.

many years of project work abroad with hands-on on technical project management and implementation are the guarantee for perfect understanding of your needs.  sensitive approach of intercultural and technical aspects will lead to highly expressive photographic material.  interactive and participatory planning and development of the documentary work will produce a concerted result.

these results are your weapon – for defense and attack alike.



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