the philosophy

make things simple!

complicated and complex issues should be broken down to simple facts that are easy to digest for your target group.

the same applies to the media.  i prefer natural light and situations instead of high-tech equipment and artificial settings.  this makes the presentation of the project outcome more authentic and creditable.

the name of this website resumes the following ideas:

light is the media that allows us to visualize our reality. it transports information to our eyes, the direct way or through images. the light documents the transported information on light sensitive media like photographs.

documents are media that eternalize information for our retrieval at any moment and for any purpose. it implies an active task of verbalization or visualization of information.

and finally the mental aspect. light and pictures enter through our eyes into our brain and cause connotations.  our brain associates those with experiences, feelings and emotions.  the more of those associations we can stimulate in the target group with our products, the more impact we achieve. and this is the purpose.



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