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Das Orchester im Klassenzimmer 1

"Das Orchester im Klassenzimmer"

the educational initiative of the orchestra "Nürnberger Symphoniker" facilitates to school children the practical approach to instruments and musik.

Das Orchester im Klassenzimmer 2

Künstler & Buch

"Künstler & Buch"

each year the german city of erlangen is celebrating the festival of poetry in the park of the castle. this event is accompanied with a special exhibition. the year 2010 topic was on books as object of art itself with their artists.

Niños del Alto Napo

"Niños del Alto Napo"

with support of the German Cooperation and a local foundation, parents of a tiny village in the ecuatorian amazon are receiving assistance for the realization of their projects improving their life. the pictures show some project progress of this help-to-selfhelp project.

marine protected areas management

"marine protected areas management"

the german technical cooperation supported some CARICOM states with the implementation and management of marine protected areas and the conservation of coastal biodiversity.



docu reports

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