Let your project shine!

Visual storytelling photography provides a significant boost in accepting and supporting your project. With documentary photography you not only provide a chronicle of your events and environments but also report about intentions, progress and success. The observer immediately gets an impression about the activities, the effects and the success of the project.

Why should you put your light under the bushel!

If you run a successful project you should also show what you are doing and what effect it has. And if this presentation is visual it makes it better understood and more interesting to the observer.

Document your achievements with pictures

because „One Look is Worth A Thousand Words”. Fred R. Barnard, who printed this insight already in 1921, knew about the impact one single photo can have.

We often write lengthy reports about our work and put a lot of words into the ballance. There we argue our achievements and compliance with project objectives and planning. But many project activities and achievements could be presented easier in much more expressive pictures. So why don’t you enrich your project reporting with a visual documentation of your activities and achievements?

With such a visual documentation of activities and achievements I can provide you help.

With my outsider’s view and your insider’s knowledge we prepare the right presentation of your project, be this just a baseline (ex ante) or a results (ex post) presentation.

Your partner for visual project documentation

I am an independent photographer with broad experience in project work and technical cooperation worldwide. In me you find a competent partner for the preparation of the visual documentation and a photographic storytelling of your project. This rests upon my specific work experiences. They comprise, among others: natural resource management including protected area management, socio-economic development, institutional strengthening, capacity building and others, all under varied cultural conditions. In consequence, I grab a fast understanding of your project conditions and the respective valoration of your project achievements.

Visual project presentation is co-work. Thus, you present your project and we prepare the respective photographic documentary together, no matter where in the world your project is running.

Contact me and we will jointly find solutions!