My next projects: overview

I always carry around and develop new ideas for photographic stories I want to tell. Some of those I have already developed to a certain point of implementation. Others still need some research and planning before they can go into implementation.
Telling visual stories is not just grabbing my camera and shoot. It requires quite some preparation work, reading material, searching for contacts and locations, organising meetings and scheduling the specific shootings.
The following list gives a short info about the situation of each project in my visual storytelling pipeline and links to the specific project pages. Nevertheless, putting the world under the veil of a pandemic has changed conditions for travelling, communication and physical meetings. This also resulted for my projects to be replanned and rescheduled with – for the moment – uncertain time perspectives. I will update the following list accordingly on due time.

The irrigated meadows of the Rednitz valley and its people

There is a traditional management practice to irrigate meadows in the valley bottom of the small river Rednitz in Franconia, Germany. This tradition was mentioned already in the Middle Ages and first (still existing) documents date from 1524 A.C.. This practice allows farmers to harvest gras and hey up to five times a year and especially in dry years these benefits pays off to the practice.

Farmers are organised in small cooperatives to manage their fields and organise irrigation in order to give each one his according share of the precious good. The visual documentation does not only present those cooperatives but also other people and organisations living close to or even taking part, in the water system of this small valley.

This book was recently published (Dec. 2023) in German language. Please have a look at my Books site. Some follow-up on this topic in additional areas is to be done.

“MATEANDO” the book about yerba mate and its people

Originally, the field work for this book was planned for May to July of 2020. But due to the Covid19 lockdowns travelling to the countries of Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina was not possible in this time. As my field work will also depending of harvest times of the yerba I have to postpone this project. Presently there is no defined schedule for this project.

“PULQUE” revival of an ancient drink

This visual story was originally foreseen for after the “mateando” project. It’s realisation will depend on available financing and time. Harvest time for pulque is twice per year. So I will have to schedule my visits for this project accordingly.

“KIDS of the HABESH” how they see their world

This project grew out of an initiative of a close friend of mine. He is supporting a Roma slum in eastern Slovakia. He once took me with him to deliver some goods friend of this project always collect to support the families living there. So I could see the advancements this initiative achieved over the years. The project is working especially with kids and mothers of the slum. With the link to the specific page you will soon find some ideas for my visual storytelling project. A first impression about the local conditions you can find on this blog post. The follow-up on this project will also have to wait for suitable times.