my books

Some of my photographic work I have transformed into books that you can purchase on the Internet. Here you can find the links to the pages where you can get them.
* Please be aware that each time when you purchase one of those products through my links I may earn a tiny fraction of the purchase value. This does not increase your cost but is just a small retribution the seller is giving me back for linking to his webpage. It also helps me to maintain my own website and stimulates me to further products.

The first book that appeared with some of my photos is a product of colaboration between my friend Peter Frömming, an author that saw my photographs of Venice, Italy many years ago and immediately was drawn to combine them with some of his own poetic impressions he had written after an independent visit to this mystic city. In a first prototype my photographs and his texts were combined in abooklet that I produced just in two copies, one for him and one for me. Decades later this prototype fell into the hands of his editor who asked my friend for the rights to publish it as a revised version. So here it is (but only as a German version, sorry):

The second book grew out of the same connections but with the difference that there wasn’t existing a prototype before. The same editor scewed through short texts of Peter Frömming on his impressions from his residency in Freiburg, a beautiful city in the South-West of Germany at the foot of the Black Forest, and asked him to combine them to another book project. My friend than also took out some of my photographs of this city from the 1980s which inspired the editor to combine them with the poetry. From this resulted this next booklet (also only in German):
A first fully self-edited photo book became a collection of images taken of a gallery forest near my home that presents appearance of a jungle or primary forest. The photos show this piece of forest during different seasons, all year round. Inspiring and relaxing. (For ordering your copy click on the image of the book!)


A newer and enriched version of this book with text contributions from experts in fauna and flora and an identification part for the local species is now available (click on image to the right)


traces of human lifeThe book “traces of human life” reflects the influence of human beings on our environment sometimes in subtle, sometimes in rather brutal way. The photographs result from my various journeys to different countries of the world. (For ordering your copy click on the image of the book!)
The booklet “the curve” is another extract from my archive discussing the element of curves in different expressions in nature. (For ordering your copy click on the image of the book!)the curve

From the second demonstration for freedom and peace and against the politically imposed measures for containing the spread of the Corona virus in Berlin on August 29, 2020 this visual documentation reflects the concern of the participants regarding the loss of freedom.