Small businesses in rural Bangladesh

In late 2018 y had a mission to a remote area of the Sunderbarns of Bangladesh. On a weekend I could take advantage of my stay to stroll around the village. I wanted to take photographs of some colourful shops and workshops with traditional merchandises and handicrafts. As soon as their owners took notice of my interest in their shops they presented themselves proudly in midst of their space. Passers-by stopped and built an interested crowd observing the shooting. In some photos neighbours or other people sneaked into the scene to be part of the photograph as well.

a village pharmacy
textile shop
one of the multiple textile shops
tailor shop
textile and tailor shop of an indian merchant
vendor of textiles
the vendor is waiting for clients of his textiles
textile shop
textiles and clothes on display

Those people had no reservation at all to be photographed. Only in one case the owner of a tailor shop refused to be photographed because of his Islamic belief, which I respected.

Family run kiosk
couple sitting at their kiosk
fishermen's supply
salesman sitting in his fisherman's supply shop
junk shop
salesman proudly sitting in his junk shop
cat seller
seller offering the popular drug cat on the weekly market
sailor's supply shop
vendor and buyer in a sailor's supply shop

Some of the photographs I took as HDR images and processed with Aurora and Luminar. This allowed me to penetrate into the depth of the sometimes dark interiors of the environments.

welder's shop
workers and boss sitting together in the welder workshop
carpenter with two staff in his exposition room
ship screw repair shop
ship screw repair shop with a passer-by
construction material shop
three employees sitting in the construction material shop
owner and workers filling sacks with sawdust in a sawmill

After having processed all images I asked a Bangladeshi colleague to produce print copies of each photo and hand it to the owners of the shops and workshops.

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